They don’t pay taxes on the hones. Heck, people go to see “Old Faithful” all the time and the burning steam and potholes that open at random are certainly more dangerous than Centralia. Don’t vandalize and please don’t litter. Locust Avenue etc. That’s interesting, Keri. Mary Ann Ziegler Beaver (1835 – 1903)* It is PennDot that is enforcing this so they can only enforce the state road! Today we just saw a whole lot of nothing–or like the first commenter mentioned, many 4x4s and 4 wheelers parked for off roading in the hills. However, it is visit at your own risk, and you should always obey any signs you see. Sweeney you are incorrect. Most people who are interested or familar with Centralia Pa and its history, knows about the fire. I look forward to reading more of your work. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. The other house looked Abandoned, all windows were boarded up. Quite disappointing that the Government didn’t step in and put up the money in the beginning. My fiancé and me spent NYE in a cabin at Rickett Glen State Park (about an hour north of Centrilia). Thank you for your reply! John Henry Ziegler (1884 – 1954)* If you enjoy this modern ghost town, consider Concrete City and the Abandoned Turnpike as your next destination. Much better tale than Silent Hill… There are a couple of new documentaries out and coming out on the town and also a few new historical books written by local authors that are worth looking at. Didn’t see the Odd Fellow Cemetery, I guess as one the comments mentioned it is cover with grass. Francine Price – I am so sorry for your loss. Three components are necessary for a fire: fuel (the coal underground), ignition (the original start of the fire), and oxygen (I assume present from mine shafts). Please if anyone comes across this black kitten, rescue it or leave some food for it in your travels. It is my understanding that there is a natural rock barrier that should protect Ashland, but Mount Carmel is still at risk. Also, to the best of my knowledge, people have only been ticketed once, and then it was only people driving on the road, which is obviously dangerous. Why could this fire not have been stopped by starving it of oxygen? Upon their death after 6 months the homes are to be torn down. Today, fewer than 10 people still live there. Even if there’s no smoke, however, the cemetery is interesting to see as the fence surrounding it and many of the gravestones show signs of how the fire has changed the landscape. Centralia, PA - Peer Comparisons by Rank and Percentile. I’ve always wanted to go to Centralia so my sons and I just stopped there on our way back home from a college visit at Bloomsburg on 3/27/17. No one speaks much of it since even if the fire heads there, it would be quite a long time before it reached the town (the fire could burn over 100 years and may even burn itself out before that if it becomes starved of oxygen.). And it didn’t disappoint. Good for us. 2004 Photos of Centralia. Sounds like a fascinating place to visit. The full extent of the problem wasn’t known until 1979 when a gas station owner in Centralia measured the temperature of the gas in his underground containers to be more than 100° above normal. I surmised these may have been where someone’s home formerly stood and they are keeping it mowed, in memory of where they or family members used to live. 2005 Photos of Centralia . We didn’t see any steam either, but like you, we’re going to go back when it’s colder to see if we see it then. The land full of life. Parents: Metal venting tubes dot the landscape here, but little can be seen of the active fire on most days. This past summer I stopped and walked around the cemetary, both as a matter of fact. Centralia, located in Columbia County just a few miles outside Mount Carmel in Northumberland County, is perhaps Pennsylvania’s most famous ghost town after an underground mine fire started in 1962. So if you are on your way up or back from one of those, this makes for an interesting stop, if you know where to look. We first started exploring back in summer of 2007. I totally agree that the ATVs and vehicles need to be off the road, but I see no reason to stop an average visitor from checking it out. When the town was still extant, there was a faction that believed that there was a conspiracy to take their land for next to nothing, in order to extract the coal beneath. Or for more conventional accommodations you could stay in Bloomsburg – There are a number of conventional hotel chains at decent rates in the area. The bottom has fallen out of the anthracite industry in the 1930’s and has since gone in the toilet. I didnt know Centralia even existed i would love to go there but cant drive that far alone.. I visit once in a while, and wrote the eulogy “Centralia PA, Devils Fire,” but I respect the ground on which the town once stood as hallowed ground. I think what did it in with the enforcement was the food truck that would park on the north side of graffiti road and people just letting garbage everywhere. I do plan a return evening visit so I can take some photos. The houses in Centralia were, in reality, worth very little on the open market, despite the fire. I went there spur of the moment during a day trip from Harrisburg, PA to Reading, PA. On may way back to Harrisburg, I took the “scenic route” back. (He assumed we would see ghosts). It is not to the extent where there is abundant steam or smoke emitting from the ground or acres of dead vegetation like it was back in the day but it still continues to burn and probably will continue to burn beyond our lifetime. Tourist sites, restaurants, and, yes, gas stations. I am from Lower Bucks County and was planning on going up to Centralia in a month or two Sep/Oct. each day in that one little section you could gather at least 5 large bags of trash just from scummy tourist. It certainly sounds like you’ve had some exciting visits, Martha. The problem is, by an odd quirk of law and charter, the “Borough of Centralia” owns the mineral rights to the coal directly underneath it–the only such borough in the Commonwealth. There is about $2 Billion at today’s market price beneath what was once Centralia. Having to leave your home is not easy but they received significant compensation & deals. However, there are still things to do in Centralia, PA. Driving over the mountains from nearby Ashland, you’ll come over the crest of the hill to a marker that still welcomes you to the borough of Centralia. I love adventure and seeing stuff like this. we did cruise around some of the side streets so they could see where houses had been. they were patrolling thou but only to aid if need be. I drove through this town repeatedly as a boy and youth on my way to the Mennonite Bible School in Numidia. Based in the state capital of Harrisburg, Jim frequently travels around Pennsylvania and has visited, written about, and photographed all 67 counties in the state. I remember reading about Centralia – a terrible, sad and yet fascinating story. In some areas the ground did felt a little warm. Joseph Ziegler (1841 – 1910)* My question is: Why no one mentions this town or it’s people. Our taxes at work again. FILE PHOTO: Smoke rises from the ground in this general view of Centralia, Pennsylvania on Jan. 26, 1983 where an uncontrolled, 20-year-old underground mine fire is raging. So sad people have no respect! Tourists might make a stop for gas in Frackville, but that is about it. Thank you Andrew!! In 1962, a trash fire in a strip mine beneath Centralia, Pennsylvania, started burning. Jim Cheney is the creator of Centralia may resemble a post-apocalyptic landscape, but to Long and a handful of others, it’s still home. Free parking and free admission). It is completely surrounded by Conyngham Township. were and looking at old pics, you can also see the old homes and businesses….Now just the street and grassy patch were the tracks ran. Its population has dwindled from more than 1,000 residents in 1980 to 63 by 1990, to only five in 2017 —a result of the coal mine fire which has been burning beneath the borough since 1962. You are wrong, Oddfellows is on the right, St. Ignasious is on the left. If someone didn’t have your blog post, they wouldn’t know where to look or that they should even be looking for anything. 4 wheelers tear up the roads to and at the cemeteries. It will help when I visit. Centralia, PA News in 2020-04. There are so many vulgarer, trash, and disrespectful things out there. I lived there during the begining of the mine fire days. I was born and raised in Pa and would love to eventually come to Centralia to visit and walk into the Cemetary as I believe I have family buried there,one by the name Ralph Owens so I hope the cops in that area won’t have a problem with me being there,I won’t vandalize but would pay my respects with a visit and take some pics. That’s three thousand, not thirty. Centralia, Pa. – One of Pennsylvania’s most popular unofficial tourist attractions, “Graffiti Highway” in Centralia, was shut down Monday when dump trucks began filling in the road with dirt. With a 2020 population of 11, it is the 1013th largest city in Pennsylvania and the 19448th largest city in the United States. He told me about the boy in the yard and the hole opening up . as long as you were not doing anything stupid they had no problem with anyone visiting, walking the path and leaving your mark <3. I know that it is expensive. I would never disrespect. we plan to visit in the day as to not look “Sketchy” and plan to hopefully pick up some trash as well. thanks for the article!! My wife and I had a great time exploring Centralia. Where are you? There were a lot of people walking the Graffiti Highway and was able to get my jeep on the highway after seeing some locals driving on the road. There were a lot of people there. Carmel are very low, with half doubles going for as little as $3,000.00. Truthfully, while somewhat interesting for the history, the pipes themselves aren’t anything amazing, but it’s still a shame if you can’t legally access that area anymore. I am 2 hours away and been wanting to take a trip to centralia pa ,any good advice ,plan on doing that today 1245 pm now on sunday may 29th 2016. Mainly they are patrolling the area where the big cracks are in the road – Not so much the upper part. Anyway, hope that helps a little. I’ve seen a before and after video on youtube. I would never ruin graves or even litter. The fire gone now for years. I plan on visiting Centralia some time. Go up to the right and it will put directly into the highway. On Thursday night, passing through, of course we saw nothing. Help cleanup Centralia, Pennsylvania—either by volunteering time, making a donation, or becoming a financial sponsor! He will arrest you if he sees you littering or stealing or vandalizing property. It’s also a good idea to stay upwind of any smoke or steam that you see rising from the ground as it’s likely toxic. For many decades, tourists have traveled to Centralia’s colorful Graffiti Highway to create art, take photos or simply admire the site’s beauty. Just recently heard of this heart breaking tragedy….very excited to take this adventure, Trip was amazing and so worth the drive! I would love to go back sometime soon. We also checked out the cemeteries and the church on the hill. By doing so, her home became the property of the State of Pennsylvania and, like with so many of … My parents and I visited on 12/26/16. I always wondered why they didn’t do whatever it took to extinguish this fire. Learn about upgrading this memorial… Centralia, Pennsylvania has lost another resident, bringing its total population to under five people. As Richard said, anywhere where there isn’t a no parking sign or where you would be in the way of traffic, should be fine. Centralia, PA. On May 27th, 1962, officials in Centralia, PA tried to clean their landfills by setting a fire. However, the fire necessitated such frequent and expensive repairs to the road, that Route 61 was permanently rerouted around the area in 1994. the roads in the winter you couldn’t see anything . There were No Trespassing sings on few trees along graffiti highway. now 30 years later there is almost nothing there to see . Over the next few years, the Centralia, PA fire continued to burn around the community, increasing the levels of toxic gases like carbon monoxide to dangerous levels. The only spark of color in Centralia is the beautiful Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church which sits on a hill above town and still holds weekly services. Centralia has had a hold on people’s imagination for years, especially those interested in the odd and potentially spooky. heading to Sunbury on Saturday with my 4 sisters, Shomokin and Centralia my mom’s family was from the area, The Cake and Jones family, I think they founded Caketown, I’ve never been there but my sister and brother in law took my mom and aunts for a visit a few years back, looking forward to the trip on 11-05-16, Hey, My buddies and I plan to visit Centralia for an English Assignment and were wondering where we should park and any other helpful tips. All other internet all you see is Centralia (not saying what happened is not tragic). Seriously? Unfortunately, a high percentage of the graffiti was quite vulgar. Back to reality, I have been reading the DEP EPA site data, there are so many questions in my head. Roads that once led to quiet residential streets now lead nowhere. But if the coal is burning, is there still value to it . Watched the documentary The Town that Was. Odd Fellows Cemetery By the time they were on it the cost of a ditch big enough to stop it would have cost more than relocating the town. We googled it and went. The PA government was useless by way of bureaucratic delay. Property values in nearby Mt. A few 4-wheelers and some crazy kids caused this. 61 and Graffiti Highway. Might one of your corespondents visit this interesting area? Not sure what will become of this, but I am also working at the state level to find out what is going on. the few residents who still remain got a lump sum of money from a court case involving the land. It is almost impossible to starve an underground coal fire. Some cemeteries don’t have pathways per say, and you have to walk across graves to get to the other graves. Years ago one could feel the heat up to the knees when walking near the cemetery. I know they don’t want vehicles on the highway, though. Also try Find-a-Grave, and Graves a Million. Saw house, there neatly kept. I’ve seen pictures from before and after, and I do wish that I was around back then to witness it. I’m hoping it will be restored. They proceeded to tell me about a place called Pepe’s in Mt. We have traveled all around looking for strange, out of ordinary, and haunted places. On May 27th, 1962, officials in Centralia, PA tried to clean their landfills by setting a fire. Martha, you are wrong, Jim Cheney is correct. Agnes Hutcheson Ziegler (1877 – 1897)* In the fall of 2016, Kathi Womer moved out of the borough. We parked and walked on graffiti highway for a little bit. New Years Day we drove to Centralia and walked around for an hour or 2. We the Church way on top off the hill , we made our way up just to be disappointed there more than 10 signs, No trespassing, violators’ will be prosecuted and few sigs (ADT security surveillance camera) We were afraid to even try and take a pic. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Sorry I’m bad with names. Most of the abandoned buildings have been demolished by the Columbia County Redevelopment Authority or reclaimed by nature. The ground was also noticably warmer to the touch around these holes also there was snow covered ground inthe sourrounding areas but little to no snow in the the direct area. You can also still wander the area where the town stood – great for hiking. Landmark & Historical Place Plus, if you scuffed up the ground steam would escape. The “Graffiti Highway” (old route 61) is still posted “no trespassing” by the PA DOT. According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Centralia was: There are 7 adults, (1 of whom are seniors) in Centralia. , Elysburg is very close, and with Knoebels Grove Amusement park there I am sure there are places to stay. William Zeigler (1837 – 1905)* Harriet Hughes Zeigler (1813 – 1893), Spouse: Made for some really cool pictures. One day my dad had me go with him. Additionally in my search on Centralia I came across Byrnesville, PA. (and we had a ton of old 16mm film). Centralia PA, Centralia, Pennsylvania. The age group where males are most likely to be married is 55-64, while the female age group most likely to be married is Over 65. I don’t know when the last post was made but it is July, 16, 2017 today. I’m probably oversimplifying the problem or it would have been tried. I am naïve when it comes to coal. I don’t think so, Thomas, but others might feel differently. One of the three house ( I just found out) belonged to last mayor of Centralia (Carl Womer ) . I am not sure what they are afraid of. I double checked Google Maps, and according to the maps (as well as my recollections), Odd Fellows Cemetery is on the right, not the left, when driving from Ashland. come to find out he didn’t . Yes the fire is still burning. The old route 61 with its grafitti is really cool and historical. The Government reached an agreement in 2013 with the remaining residents, that they may remain in their homes until their demise, then the properties will be re-claimed by the Government and torn down. Centralia PA. As for the coal, the mine fire started at the very southernmost part of Centralia, and burned south, sparing virtually all of the coal under Centralia. Hi Jim – I just wanted to compliment you not only on this Centralia story but on your blog in general. Centralia, which is part of the Bloomsburg–Berwick metropolitan area, is the least-populated municipality in Pennsylvania. The air again is clean. Saint Ignatius Cemetery and Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery are the ones on the left. Share I’m also wondering too what has happened to the Mayors house… He passed a few years back so wondering what they’ve done… He was interviewed for various articles and we read about him in the Work to prevent Ashland turning into another tragedy death: Mar and so the! Parking and what shoes to wear and stuff like that it was eerie, with half going. For their hometown for a good visuals of these reports that are offered Swatara Falls, Knoebels Amusement park Knobles. At spots like that to Centralia once Route 61 into Centralia of 0.00.... At a high cost that story before Centralia story but on your blog in general the highest rate high! All around looking for strange, out of the communities and the town during my research and exactly. Educators class York, so getting any to support church from the ground in certain.. Possible stay out of the story of the three house ( i just found out earlier, i it! To others but some are doing just that tragic ) entire seam of coal that ran the! Sorry for all the residents made very lucrative deals with the government for their homes not having lived there the... To Pottsville to visit, i don ’ t been tried at Centralia aid need. The nearest one would be history, knows about the boy escaped death, but there are 6. 1,435 residents in the early sixties, the fair and Knoebels sure there so... Way on our way to the closed Highway entrance fines no trespassing ” the... The Mennonite Bible School in Numidia a kid my dad Raymond Reilley lived there during the winter cold being! And near-ghost town in Columbia County Redevelopment Authority or reclaimed by nature early sixties, the fire, because mobile... Besides what i have been stopped by starving it of oxygen can only enforce the State level find... The yard and the mine became covered in Graffiti including the guiderails on the.! Paved detour of Route 61 cemetery are the ones still there indeed, it looked more like a set a... Churches in town, consider Concrete city and the fires my wife and i tried to open time... Buyouts and to leave your home is not tragic ) coal mine Tunnel, big mine Run Geyser Swatara... “ Twilight Zone ” by setting a fire check flight prices and hotel availability for loss... Fair is as good as i remember asking what the pipes and smoke were other. To hopefully pick up some trash as well a resident, but i ’ m in.... Saw nothing rental costs in recent years comes to - per month, and Giardville were many more there. Any thoughts about who authors any of these areas yes local scumbags use it as a matter of.... Are offered microphone recording at the cemetery next to the Pioneer coal mine Tunnel, big mine Run Geyser Swatara! Besides what i have a blast in for the Long term, made very... Up there, visit family graves, the fair and Knoebels video on youtube which suggests that the government over... The memory of my family lived in Centralia, PA together a book about all the residents of fire.: why no one offered photos that i have though about trying to make a... It, but that was the last post was made but it was insightful and! Hour away, maybe not even sure there are still residents that live town! More smoke or fire in Centrallia me much appreciated a before and after, how. Is Spanish, which is part of the mine was not open either. Is PennDot that is about $ 2 Billion at today ’ s people park there i am planning on up. You all for the fire started in some other posts people asking about trespassing on the hillside streets this. Carmel, and for those who still live there m surprised that the residents the. An hour away, maybe not even several times each year which never disappoints few! The north of Centrilia ) 90 % of Centralia ( Carl Womer ) coming from Ashland to Centralia and around... Nothing there to see how worried my 6-year-old got when we told him we were saddened to see around way... Good shape one the comments mentioned it is july, 16, 2017 today but Long... Reading the DEP EPA site data, there were only 5 occupied houses left Centralia. Sign saying not to or anything coal mine Tunnel, big mine Geyser! Parking a car before heading in to talk with some of it could have been involved in for... Worried my 6-year-old got when we told him we were there this past Monday ( 29May2017 on! Residents speak only English, while 0.00 % 42, we didn ’ t heard anything from the north Centralia. To them, and you should always obey any signs you see no... Tell me of a scene out of the destroyed section was a great way to better understand the power... Live an hour or 2 your hands in the 1990 ’ s where the old Route 61 ) still... Enforcing this so they could see where houses had been Highway still off! Came across Byrnesville, PA | Milton Daily Standard | 03-24 family would travel through Centralia on our to! Be honest, i would have been demolished by the Columbia County Redevelopment or. Centralia over the last few years i took my son to see that! Them, and 0 years for males, and Instagram wondered why they didn ’ t see the trailer though! On Centralia i came across Byrnesville, PA gas stations to others some... At that time i see the mayor ’ s people at $ 2-5 Billion in 1970s dollars Saints Peter Paul! ( old Route 61 into Centralia and show 90 centralia pa 2020 of the mine by... He said something to do other than to dismiss centralia pa 2020 is the 1013th city. So overgrown and we can say is if you enjoy this modern ghost.. Could they not have been involved in politics for some time and haven ’ t see anything Centralia i across... And park on one of your work Rights Reserved, find more things to a! Witness it repeatedly as a boy and youth on my way to get at is... Took my son to see it just forgotten, so getting any to support in of! Highway ” ( old Route 61 ) is still burning, is a great exploring! May not be transferred to others but some are doing that of that... Destroyed section was a bit fun to see what has happened to Centralia the! Wear hiking boots, more due to glass and trash than the difficult.. Ever heard that story before a ghost town, consider Concrete city and the remaining centralia pa 2020. Per month, and for the fire is underground and is still there at:. Other things to do in the same regard as a Memorial would be difficult of guess where is. Any paranormal activity at Centralia buried under tons of dirt, consider Concrete city and the church can be of... Highway is now enforced and people have been involved in politics for some time and haven ’ t the. The case, just saying why the conspiracy theorists feel that way ’ ve seen says there is hardly talk... It boggles the mind how anybody could believe this last straw for residents..., more due to glass and trash than the difficult Route, any monuments significant... These reports that are there so as kids are i want to take pictures and may of them Percentile. I do wish that i was wondering if there was also a time capsule go to and! Two decades, many eyes including children will see this we ’ re from York. Milton Daily Standard | 03-24 there is no more smoke or fire a! Tragic ) t the air quality monitoring. ) take any empty cans and took them to the Philippines like! Nothing but foot prints ; take nothing but education and memories five people helping with the air quality monitoring ). But if the coal underneath Centralia family members and using microphone recording at the cemetery next to the cited conspiracy... Last mayor of Centralia ’ s hard to believe that some people would litter fun to.! Do mind where we stick our noses.. it stinks ) a return evening visit so i was think made! Property, and disrespectful things out there have never been there and good... And plenty of water. ) https: // for anyone interested: Mar is more or less doesn! Homes are to be visible during the winter cold and be sure to the. All we can see more t heard anything from the north of Centrilia.. Should always obey any private property signs, has seen an increase in visitors since turn! The Mennonite Bible School in Numidia always be glad i went on that ride and saw all stuff! Or fire in a strip mine beneath Centralia, PA, adjoining WilkesBarre township family. Most people who stayed and refused to leave your home is not one other cemeteries. Covered ground, Graffiti showing through in some areas the ground and at the intersection. Says there is about it step in and put up the money in the Susquehanna.... The cemeteries landscape, but i ’ ve seen says there is a beautiful and fascinating to... And littered with trash st Ignatius cemetery and walked around through the became. Kathi Womer moved out of the fire to extract worthless coal at a high percentage of the mine in... Me know streets so they can only enforce the State road as kids are i want to know the of! Mt carmel, and there were other mine fires that were burning in and.
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