1. Warranty period is two years starting from the date of delivery of the product.
2. The all components of the product are under the warranty of our company.
3. Repair period of the product shall not exceed 20 working days. This period shall start on when the product is delivered to the authorised service station . If the product malfunctions during the warranty period, the repair period shall be added to the warranty period.
4. Any repair needed for the product due to any material, workmanship or assembly fault within the warranty period shall be made free of charge.
5. Customer shall be responsible for attaching to the product a statement explaining the defect when sending the product for repair.
6. A detailed complaint statement in accompaniment with the purchase documents of the firearm shall be sent to the authorised seller.
7. If the product is found to be defective, the Customer may choose to exercise one of the following options set out in the Article 11 of the Law on Consumer Protection no. 6502:
a. Rescinding the contract;
b. Requesting a discount from the sales price;
c. Requesting repair at no charge;
d. Requesting a replacement of the defective product with a defect free one.
8. If the consumer chooses to exercise the right of repair at no charge, the seller will repair or cause to repair the product at no charge to the consumer for parts, labour or otherwise. The consumer may exercise their right of repair at no charge against producer or importer as well. The seller, producer and importer shall be severally liable for allowing the consumer to exercise this right.
9. If the consumer chooses to exercise the right of repair at no charge and;
a. the product malfunctions again within the warranty period, or
b. the maximum period allowed for repair is exceeded, or
c. the authorised service station, seller, producer or importer issues a report stating that the product is irreparable,
then, the consumer shall request the seller to return the sales price of the product or to make a discount from the sales price or to replace it with a defect free product. In this case, the seller may not reject this request of the consumer.
10. In case of any dispute arising out of exercising the rights under the warranty, the consumer may apply to the Arbitration Committee for Consumer Problems or Consumer Court where the consumer resides or where the consumer transactions were made.
11. If the seller fails to give this Warranty Certificate, the consumer may apply to the Ministry of Customs and Trade, General Directorate of Consumer Protection and Market Surveillance.


1. Damage resulting from coating of the firearms or altering it otherwise.
2. Damage resulting from improper storage or use.
3. Damage resulting from user's failure to follow the recommendations given in the instruction manual.
4. Damage resulting from unauthorised repair.
5. Expiration of the warranty period.
6. Any break, scratch and other damages on the external surface of the product.
7. Damage resulting from dropping, impacting with other objects, fall, etc.
8. Damage resulting from naturel disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, etc.
9. Shipment damage resulting from improper package whether delivered by hand or by cargo.
The parties hereby agree to strictly fulfil their respective responsibilities and obligations arising out of the Regulation on After-sale Services for Industrial Goods issued under the Law on Consumer Protection no. 6502 and to be liable to each other severally and jointly.